He is WORTHY of our PRAISE!

Voices of Praise is a Christ-centered, family oriented singing group that started in 1988 as a mixed quartet. At that time, group members included Troy and Tracy Blair, and Kathy and Richard Hensley. Kathy played keyboard and Richard played drums, as well as sang vocals. As God led Richard to pastor, the group dissipated to follow the Lord’s leading. In 1998, God rekindled the music ministry again with zeal as Richard and Kathy began singing with their oldest daughter, Jennifer, and a young man by the name of Chris Hubbs. Through 1999-2010, Voices of Praise Ministries consisted of Richard, Kathy Hensley, Kati (Hensley) Sanders and Jennifer (Hensley) Kahler.
March 2010 through June of 2015, we were pleased and honored to announce that VOP Ministries had acquired a returning friend to sing our lead and other vocals, Chris Hubbs.

We pray the Lord will continue to use VOP Ministries to glorify Jesus, minister to the saints, and bring hope that only the Gospel can bring. Our prayer is to continue to serve King Jesus by ministering to you.

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Last Update: 04.10.2017

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